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The Ken Jones Real Estate Show

Jul 30, 2015

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing is the first in a series of shows that will provide guidance about real estate investing to new and potential real estate investors.

​In this show, I discuss the importance of evaluating your personality for strengths on which you can and should capitalize, and to recognize your weaknesses and how you might be able to compensate to prevent them from holding you back from being a successful real estate investor.

Another major point of this show, is the importance of establishing what I call, "resource relationships", being relationships with other real estate industry professionals.

​I also point out the importance of building a business relationship with an active and experienced commercial real estate agent, and how the real estate agent is the central player in the real estate universe in which you're entering as an investor.

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing will give you a basic understanding of the things you should be thinking about​ in preparing yourself to get a head start in the right direction as a new real estate investor.