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The Ken Jones Real Estate Show

Oct 23, 2018

In this episode of The Ken Jones Real Estate Show, Ken deals with one of the most difficult situations for a sales person to deal with:  rejection.

Ken explains, that it doesn’t matter if you’re selling real estate, life insurance, cars, or if you’re selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door; rejection is very...

Jun 5, 2018

In this episode, Ken discusses the problems with real estate agents paying for leads and explains how they can generate their own leads by developing their own multi-synchronous marketing program more effectively and for far less money.

He also discusses the numerous potential sources of leads, how to reach those lead...

May 29, 2018

In this episode, Ken identifies the 29 Undeniable Truths About Real Estate.

These "truths" are about real estate, in general, as well as the real estate brokerage business. They're things that virtually every experienced real estate agent and broker knows or believes to be true, but rarely shares with the public.


Apr 9, 2018

In this episode of The Ken Jones Real Estate Show, Ken builds on the information in his last episode entitled, Are Real Estate Agents Independent Contractors.

Based on the information in the previous episode, Ken explores his vision of what the real estate brokerage industry would look like if real estate agents were...

Apr 2, 2018

For decades real estate agents have been led to believe that they're independent contractors. However, the IRS does not classify them as independent contractors, and a number of recent state and federal court cases have also resulted with the indication that real estate agents may well be employees.

Listen to Ken go...