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The Ken Jones Real Estate Show

Sep 21, 2015

An Introduction to Flipping is the first of several episodes that I'm going to do to provide insight into the subject of the business of flipping real estate. (Yes. It's a business - NOT investing.)

Ever since I started the Ken Jones Real Estate Advisor website and the Ken Jones Real Estate show I've gotten dozens and dozens of requests to teach how to become a real estate flipper.

So, I've decided to cover this subject, starting with a general overview of what flipping real estate is all about.

In this episode in which I deal strictly with the single-family home, you'll learn the basic concept of flipping and how to find potential flipping candidates.

You'll also learn all of the steps involved in achieving a successful flip project, from how to figure out hot much you should pay to buy it, how long it will take to turn it around or "flip" it, and how to calculate your profit.

CAUTION: This is only an introduction to flipping; there is MUCH MORE to learn than is contained in this episode before you even begin to think about undertaking a flip project.