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The Ken Jones Real Estate Show

Jul 21, 2015


In this show, Ken explains the legal and financial risks associated with dual agency and how to minimize or totally avoid those risks.

Ken also identifies all of the different types of real estate agency relationships that either a buyer or seller may have with a real estate agent. He also explains each type of agency relationship, including various examples of each.


​- Define and understand the terms "Agent" and "Agency"

​- Provide an understanding of the legal relationships a real estate agent may have with a buyer, tenant and seller.

- ​Provide an understanding that each state has different legal agency relationships that an agent and a consumer may agree upon.

​- Learn why Dual Agency exists vs. other types of real estate agency relationships

​- Understanding the risks of Dual Agency to buyers, sellers and agents


​Arizona Ass'n of REALTORS® - Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election Form

New Jersey Ass'n of REALTORS® - Consumer Information Statement

Florida ​Statute Chapter 475-279- Authorized Brokerage Relationships; Presumption of Transaction Brokerage; Required Disclosures